The Galaxia Project

The Story of the Adventures of Astro Joey

The Galaxia Project is a space in which Astro Joey develops her story lines and characters. Feel free to add themes characters that you would like to see more or less of as Astro Joey’s adventures take her far throughout the universe. 🙂


In the Beginning

 Once upon a time in a far away galaxy on the planet of Girlo lived a young adventurous and curious girl called Astro Joey. Astro Joey loved to gaze out into the dark universal skies and wonder what was beyond the bright twinkling lights of the stars above her in the sky.

Her favorite place on planet Girlo was the magic crater.  The magic crater was made many many years ago when a large meteorite landed unexpectedly on Planet Girlo leaving a large hole in the surface. Over time the crater filled with water and turned into a beautiful magic crater lake. It was surrounded by flat land, covered in red fine soil, that spread for miles and miles. This red soil had great powers that when sprinkled into the air enabled her to feel strong.

The crater lake was a quiet  place, where she would lay on her tummy, propped up on her elbows reading books on the great Astro Heroins from years gone by. Her Mother, Mother Crater and her Aunt Astroideena were both great space explorers and written about in her books. Astro Joey was inspired by their stories and feats of adventure and exploration.

There was a vast space out there to be discovered and Astro Joey dreamed of her day, when she could be like them.

Astro Joey was very ingenious and as part of achieving her dream she would collect old space junk, that had fallen onto planet Girlo from planet earth, and make things.

She was most resourceful and always did the best with what she had. Her creative mind turned old junk into pieces of beauty. Anything from sculptures to her most prized creation, her special Blue Jet, which had a large engine, found from a decaying space shuttle that did not make it back to planet Earth.

The wings of her jet spread wide which allowed her to soar like an eagle through the skies. Oh how she wished that she could keep flying in her blue jet and explore other planets.


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