Dyslexia Rocks!

Astro Joey’s definition of Dyslexia:  Innovative and creative ways of doing things. 🙂

Did you know that before writing and the printing press there was no such thing as Dyslexia? In some cultures Dyslexia is a myth. There are also many gifts that come with dyslexia.  In our world of technology, there are many devices that support and encourage a three dimensional modern day thinking. i-Pads, smart phones, and computers are shifting the playing rules of communication, opening the doors for those with Dyslexia. The Dyslexic revolution has arrived:)

Astro Joey believes in free expression on Planet Girlo. So all spelling is open to “be creative.” All communication respectful.

However, for those of you who have never been exposed to the concept of Dyslexia, Dyslexia is not a disease!  According to The Australian Dyslexia Association, a more formal definition is:  “the word dyslexia comes from the Greek language and means difficulty with words. Individuals with dyslexia have trouble with reading and spelling despite having the ability to learn. Individuals with dyslexia can learn, they just learn in a different way. Often these individuals, who have talented and productive minds, are said to have a language learning difference.

Astro Joey is Dyslexic and has heard that great innovative leaders of Earth such as Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson, Lindsay Fox, The President of Coca Cola – Robert Woodruff, Andy Warhol, Leonardo Di Vinci, Winston Churchill Prince Harry, Whoopie Golburg and Walt Disney himself were all and are dyslexic.

Keep an eye out for the weekly blog updates to learn more about the World of Dyslexia


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