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The Daily Galaxy is the sacred newspaper of Planet Girlo. It is owned by the media Mogul Rosetta Stella.This is the space you need to be to keep up to date on Astro Joey and all things that she loves, likes and has an opinion on. Don’t forget to leave a response because it is more fun when we can all play together on the Astro Joey Blog.

The Daily Galaxy is based in Galaxia, the capital city of Girlo and employs the following staff:




Astro Joey ~ Editor in Chief, Sports & Arts, Science & Technology




Marzipan ~ Entertainment & Music




Plutina ~ Literature & Education




Aunt Astroideena ~ Philosophy & Social Issues




Galaxia ~ Revolutions & Business



Mother Crater ~ Lifestyle & Cooking



Recent Posts

Astro’s Creator on Twitter & FB – Come take a look. Hogan – The Illustrator

Astro Joey’s creator, Hogan-The illustrator has been doing some fun illustrations. Visit her and hit her up on twitter & Facebook swing by and give her a like. Bold and colourful fun works.

Rosetta StellaHogan the illustrator


Hogan is a cartoon illustrator based in Melbourne Australia. Her quirky characters and bold colours bounce through the world via convergence media and manifest into beautiful screen prints

​Inspired by the designs and simplicity of the 60’s animators and illustrators like Charles “Sparky” Schulz of Charlie Brown fame, Hanna Barbera, The Flintstone’s,The Jetson’s  and Palm Springs based Shag.

 Her work is imbedded with subtle humour, playfulness, bright and bold lively colours that bring energy and life to her illustrations. Her gift of Dyslexia makes perspective and colour a trade mark of her work.

Hogan’s works can be seen in Music Videos for BMI Millionaire Club Songwriter Kristy Jackson, Evan Olson, (credits include Law & Order, Sex in the City) and Jessica Malburn and LA based Mike Schadel children’s web series “The Adventures of Astro Joey” and Mobile Game applications such as “Little Footies”

Visit her website and order today

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