Chapter 15 – The job is done. Merry Christmas !!!

Chapter 15 – The job is done. Merry Christmas

As Astro Joey and the crew cruised through the skies, they listened to Kristy Solar flares Tunes. The theme song was “I am a star” Very fitting after achieving such an accomplishment in delivering Santa’s presents to the children. “I do hope Santa is ok” said Little red Santa Helper. “We have plenty of pound cake carrots and lemonade that the kids left out for Santa, not to mention Kristy Solar flares Pound Cake, that we can give Santa to help her feel better” said Astro Joey

“I can’t wait to tell him all about Australia” said Happy Santa Grouch” “That’s pretty cool” said Little green Santa Helper. “All the Australians are at the MCG today watching the cricket. It’s the big Boxing Day match today, Australia Vs England in the test” she said. “How amazing is that” said Little red Santa helper” to think in other parts of the world it is still Christmas Day. Lucky for us, or we just may not have been able to get all the presents delivered”


“Ok Girls fasten your set belts, we are coming in for a Santaworld Landing, The red light nose is being turned off, it’s going into sleep mode until next year” said Rennie the Reindeer. “Kubump Kubump” went the sleigh. They came to a halt in the snow and heard a voice  “Ho Ho Ho, my little Santa helpers, Merry Christmas” “Hey it’s Santa ” cried out little happy santa grouch. “Santa Santa, we did it she said. “My My how fantastic” said Santa. “I do believe someone has found the joy of Christmas” said Santa to Little happy Santa Grouch. “Oh Santa, I am so sorry for being naughty in the past. It is so much more fun to be gentle and kind and forgiving” “Well, there is nothing like an adventure to test you out hey” said Astro Joey. As a team, we can support each other, have fun and peace in the world.”


“How is your leg and arm Santa” said Rennie the reindeer. “It is much much better Thank you Rennie” said Santa. Come on inside and we can share our stories over a cup of hot Santa Chocolate. Astro Joey and the crew gathered up all the food they had collected and went inside to Santa’s workshop. Little Happy Santa grouch grabbed santa’s hand ” You should’ve seen the Kangeroos in Australia Santa and it get’s really hot and..” Santa replied “Merry Christmas little one, I am very proud of you all. That pound cake smells good. Let’s eat and be Merry. Merry Christmas everyone.Merry Christmas!!!





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