Chapter 14 – Kristy Solarflare makes the Christmas Vibe

Chapter 14 – Kristy Solarflare makes the Christmas Vibe

It was a long night finding their way around the world to deliver all the toys to the children for Santa. Astro Joey and the crew were rather tired, yet full of excited energy. Just like all the children who were waiting for their Christmas to come. They had completed their last delivery, in Greensbo, North Carolina, USA. What a surprise Astro Joey received when they had climbed down the chimney. There sitting next to the Christmas tree, playing the piano was her friend Kristy Solar Flare.

“Hey Astro Joey, I’ve been waiting for you” said Kristy Solar flare. “I got a message on my facebook to say that Santa had broken her leg and that you were in Santa land helping to get the toys made and delivered. “That’s right Kristy Solar flare” said Astro Joey. It was a big adventure. “Well, I could not make it to Santaland to help, so I sat down at my piano and played my music, so that the happy vibration would resinate around the world and everyone could feel the love and joy of Christmas” said Kristy Solar Flare. “We have been singing carols and laughing and sending our magic music vibes to everyone”


“Thanks Kristy Solarflare” said Astro Joey. “You know we could hear music on every part of our adventure. I wondered where that had come from” said Astro Joey to Kristy Solarflare. ‘well, come on in, put the presents down and sing some carols with me” said Kristy Solarflare. “Oh great” said little red Santa helper ” A Christmas jam”

So they all gathered around Kristy Solar flares piano and sang many happy Christmas Carols. Now it was time to head back to Santa land, to let Santa know that Christmas has been delivered to every one. “Wait” said Kristy Solarflare “Here Astro joey, take my pound cake with you and some carrots, you will be hungry when you get back to Santa land” said Kristy Solar flare. “Thanks so much”said Astro Joey, we will share it all with Santa. Now we must depart” said Astro Joey. “Hey before we go Kristy Solar flare may I download some of your songs so we can listen to them on the road trip back to Santa land” said Rennie the Reindeer. “Well of course Rennie” said Kristy Solar flare. “Safe travels and please send our love to Santa” she said. On that note, Astro Joey and her crew, fled away into the Cosmic Skies.




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