Chapter 13- Load them up and off we go

Chapter 13- Load them up and off we go.

“Ok Girls, just one more and we are done” said Astro Joey to the crew. “Can you believe it” said Little red Santa helper “we have made all the toys ,It is amazing what can be done when you put your mind to it” “Team work Little red, Team work” said Rennie the Reindeer.”

Mean while little green Santa helper was downloading the final addresses and list for the deliveries on her i-pad. “Ok now I just hit enter and we should be done” said little green Santa helper.


“Rennie”, said Astro Joey “any sign of the happy Santa grouch” There had been a pretty big snow storm Astro Joey and my red nose application tracker has had problems picking up any signal” said Rennie the Reindeer. “We cannot wait ,we must get going or else the gifts will not be delivered said Astro Joey. In the distance, the crew heard a little voice “Wait wait” ” Hang on Astro Joey, my nose is vibrating again, I am getting a signal” said Rennie the reindeer. “Blimp Blimp Blimp” went the application. Astro Joey and the crew, turned around and looked down and there was Happy Grouch Santa helper” “Wait wait” she cried out. “You wont believe where I have been” she said ” I fell down this ice hole and ended up in Australia and rode on a  Boomer, like Kangeroo, and they helped me take the presents to the kids down under and then….” Ok Ok said Astro Joey, “tell us about it on the way, we must get going, come on jump on board”.

So every body climbed up on the sleigh. Rennie turned on her red nose tracking up, little green Santa read out the names and addresses of where to go and up up into the night skies they went singing “Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way”




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