Chapter 12- Boomer does the job

Chapter 12- Boomers do the job

Col and Happy Santa grouch had finished eating Christmas dinner when Boomer arrived. “What seems to be the trouble Col?” said Boomer. “Well me little mate here tells me that Santa broke his leg on the North pole and is having trouble getting all the toys delivered for Christmas” said Col to Boomer. ” Yeah and Col told me you might be able to help me get the presents to all the kids down under” said Happy Santa Grouch.

“Well I reackon I can” said boomer. “You know little Santa grouch it’s pretty hot out here in Australia at Christmas time. You’ll need to put some sun screen on and make sure you keep your Santa hat on too. The Rays burn down under” “No problems ” said Happy Santa Grouch.  “Hey Boomer, what’s that you have in your pouch there?” “This is little joey Happy Santa Grouch” said Boomer. “Little Joey will give us a hand. She can get down the really small Chimminies and other nooks and crannies. She’s my little baby roo.”


“How do you do little baby roo” said Happy Santa Grouch. I’m just swell thanks” she replied I’ll also help  boomer to see where she is going, I am her navigator, so we’ll be right mate, the kids will get their presents” said little baby roo to Happy Santa Grouch. “There are heaps of presents to be delivered Boomer” said Col ” I tell ya what, I’ll load up me ute and give you a hand, I’ll do the south and you can do the East’

“I never realised how good it makes me feel to help out others” said Santa Grouch. “I was such a naughty kid once that the North winds turned me into a Santa Grouch. I never liked Christmas once” said Happy Santa Grouch to Col. ” You know what Happy Santa Grouch ” said Col ” we all make mistakes, but as long as you learn from them.” Come on gang, lets get this show on the road, we have some kids to make happy”

“Thank you Boomer, Thank you Col, Thank you little Roo” I could not have done this without you. I can’t wait to get back to the North Pole and tell the others that I flew on a big Kangeroo.




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