Chapter 11 – The upside down Christmas

Chapter 11 – The upside down Christmas

While Astro Joey and her Santa helpers were focusing on building all the toys for Christmas delivery, the happy Santa Grouch had slipped down an ice hole which lead her all the way to Australia. “Six white what?” said The happy grouch Santa Helper” “Maaaate six white boomers. you know Kaga’s…kangaroos” said Col the wheat cockie. “Yep I reackon if I give them a ring, they will be able to help you deliver the toys to all the kids down under”

“Well if you say so Col, let’s do it” said  happy Grough Santa helper. So Col went into the kitchen and called the white boomers on the telephone. He returned to Happy grouch and said “No problems Happy Grough they’ll be over in a jiffy. In the mean time we may as well have a bit of crissy dinner. “Ok, great” said Happy Grouch” “Alrighty then” said Col “come on out onto the verandah, do I have a spread for you”


Out Happy grouch and col went onto the verandah. Col pulled off the table cloth that had been covering the food. Before their eyes was a feast of an Australian Christmas lunch of cooked prawns, calamari, freshly hung smoked cold ham and an array of fresh green salad and beans.

“Come on, tuck in” said Col to happy grouch, the boomers will be here soon.


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