Chapter 10 – Santa’s workshop

Chapter 10 – Santa’s workshop

As Astro Joey, with golden key in hand,  closed the lid on Santa’s magic Red box, there was an almighty shot of white light Into the skies, like a show of fireworks. “It’s snowing colours said little red Santa Helper. “We did it said Penny Penguin. We did it” It’s the magic dust that gives us Santa power.” she said. “Come quickly” said Astro Joey “we must get to work on making the toys for all the children before the magic dust wears off.”Image

Rennie the Reindeer turned on her shiny red nose and they all whisked away to Santa’s workshop. Awaiting Astro Joey and the crew, was a cozy wooden workshop full of tools and materials to make the children of the worlds Christmas toys. The transformed Santa  groughs were very excited to be able to help out, for they too had been sprinkeled with magic Santa Powder. They all got to work and busily turned on the saw machines, sand papered the wooden horses and wrapped the gifts in readiness for the delivery.


Time had passed, and when they all sat down for a tea break, they noticed that one of the Happy Santa Groughs had gone. “Oh dear said little green santa helper, we have lost one of our new helpers, where could she be, will she be ok, should we go and look for her?” “It’s too late Little green Santa helper” said Astro Joey, “we must keep making the toys before the magic Santa dust wears off hopefully she will be ok. Rennie download google maps in your red shinny nose, see if you can get a location on Happy Santa grough, the rest of us, let’s get back to work”

Rennie turned on her google map tracker and waited to see if she could locate the  Happy Santa helper.


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