Chapter – 8 The Santa Grouches

Chapter 8 – The Santa Grouches

Look Look” said little Red Santa Helper with glee. “ I think I can see the clearing. Astro Joey, look, do you see a sparkle ahead?” she asked Astro Joey “Yes. little red, I do see something shinning at the end of the Christmas tree path” “Come on girls, I think it is Santas crystal light that guides us to the Magic Santa box” said the snowmen. Little green and little red Santa helpers started to run toward the sparkle ahead. They were so excited to think that they may be closer to finding Santas Magic Box. However in their excitement, they forgot that they had to move slowly all the way through the Christmas forest so as not to disturb the Santa Grouches in the tree.

Santa Grouches are full of trickery be careful” said Penny Penguin to the Santa helpers, but they were too far ahead to hear Penny Penguin. “Oh no said” Rennie the Reindeer, “The tracker application is going off so much that it is making my nose itch. Stop girls stop!!” she yelled. It was too late. Suddenly the shinning light turned yellow and gave off a big blast, “Boom!! Boom Boom” they heard.

They all looked up and there before their eyes was a great big Santa Grouch.



“Why do you come this way” said the Santa Grouch in a deep grough voice. “We have come to find Santas magic box so we can deliver all the Christmas toys to the children tonight” said Santa’s Little helpers “No you wont” said Santa Grouch. “I am not allowed to enjoy Christmas so neither will you or any of the children” “Well why don’t you come with us Santa Grouch” said Rennie “We can fill you with love and sprinkle you with Santa’s Christmas dust, so you too can enjoy the gift of Christmas” said Astro Joey.

“We grouches wish to be left alone! That is what we wish! We don’t make ourselves  merry at Christmas and we cannot afford to make idle people merry” said Santa Grouch “Attack Grouches Attack” yelled the Santa grouch. With that command, the Santa Grouches came from out of the trees and down the Ice caps, jumping on Astro Joey and the crew.


The battle continued, the snow fell heavier and the North winds became a huge gale, sweeping  and tumbling Astro Joey and the girls to safety. The Santa Grouches had been blown onto the snow mogle and above them was the breath of the Big North Winds, that had change the naughty children into Santa Grouches. Astro Joey looked up to the North wind ” North wind, if you changed the naughty children into Santa grouches surely you can changed them into happy Santa Helpers” “Why would I do that” said the North wind. “Because Santa has broken his arm and leg and we will need all the help we can get to make and deliver all the Christmas toys to the children tonight” replied Astro Joey “I am sure the naughty children have learnt their lesson from being made into Santa Grouches for so long. Please North wind. Please” said Astro Joey ” we need all the help we can get.”


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