Chapter 4 Glacia Mountain

Chapter 4 – Glacia Mountain

 Astro Joey and Santa’s little helpers had been walking for 2 days  on the Glacia mountain. They were yet to see any signs of Santa’s magic treasure box. As they walked they sang “Jingle Bells” and Rennie reindeer stuck his nose out to lead the way. “This is a very cool mountain” said Santa’s little helpers” Indeed it is” said the snowman. “But don’t be fooled, we are entering Santa Grouch territory and we must be careful that they do not stop us”


“Why don’t they like Christmas?” asked Astro Joey to the snowman. “Many years ago, they had been naughty children. They tried to melt all the snow of Santaland and they were not kind to other children” said the snowman. “Oh dear” said Astro Joey, “wow, if they melt all the snow at Santa land it could cause the climate to change and everything would become very hot.” “Indeed” said the snowman “which is why Santa had  the great North pole blow cold winds onto the naughty children and changed them into Grouches. Now the grouches are very upset with Santa and do not like Christmas” said the snow man.



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