Chapter 3 – Santa needs some help

Chapter 3 – Santa needs some help

After traveling over the snow fields and contending with the chilling winds of the North Pole, Rennie the reindeer sites Santa’s workshop. Astro Joey and Santa’s little helpers run quickly to Santa’s house only to find Santa in bed with a broken leg and arm.

Oh no! What happened Santa?” said Astro Joey. Santa replied “I was practicing coming down the chimney in preparation for my deliveries to the children on Christmas day and I fell off the roof” “No problems” said Santa’s little helpers, “we will help you, we can help make the toys for you” “If only it was that easy” said Santa. “What I must do is give you the magic key to my special toy box. Inside the special toy box is my magic snow that will give you the Santa Power to make the toys and open the Santa letters from the children. It has a map and all the addresses of where the toys must go and to whom.”

santa leg in slingOk” said Astro Joey So where do we go to find the magic Toy box?” Well Astro Joey,” said Santa, “I have a problem. When I fell off the roof I hit my head and I cannot remember where the magic box is.  Here take this G3 map, it may help you”  “Cool Santa, with my bright red nose, I will be able to lead Astro Joey and your helpers to the magic box” said Rennie the reindeer. “Oh thank goodness” said Santa. “But Rennie you must be careful of the Santa Grouches on the way, they do not like Christmas and they will do anything to stop you.”

Come on crew” said Astro Joey “we have no time to lose Quick to the chimney


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