Astro’s Creator on Twitter & FB – Come take a look. Hogan – The Illustrator

Astro Joey’s creator, Hogan-The illustrator has been doing some fun illustrations. Visit her and hit her up on twitter & Facebook swing by and give her a like. Bold and colourful fun works.

Rosetta StellaHogan the illustrator


Hogan is a cartoon illustrator based in Melbourne Australia. Her quirky characters and bold colours bounce through the world via convergence media and manifest into beautiful screen prints

​Inspired by the designs and simplicity of the 60’s animators and illustrators like Charles “Sparky” Schulz of Charlie Brown fame, Hanna Barbera, The Flintstone’s,The Jetson’s  and Palm Springs based Shag.

 Her work is imbedded with subtle humour, playfulness, bright and bold lively colours that bring energy and life to her illustrations. Her gift of Dyslexia makes perspective and colour a trade mark of her work.

Hogan’s works can be seen in Music Videos for BMI Millionaire Club Songwriter Kristy Jackson, Evan Olson, (credits include Law & Order, Sex in the City) and Jessica Malburn and LA based Mike Schadel children’s web series “The Adventures of Astro Joey” and Mobile Game applications such as “Little Footies”

Visit her website and order today

Astro Joey & The Cosmic Rays on JJJ Unearthed

Astro Joey & The Cosmic Rays on JJJ Unearthed

Marzipan. Daily Galaxy Entertainment & Music Reporter

Marzipan. Daily Galaxy Entertainment & Music Reporter

 By Marzipan :Entertainment & Music Reporter, Saturday        4th January 2014

In preparation for their upcoming studio Album, Astro Joey & The Cosmic Rays have launched themselves onto Australi’a JJJ Unearthed Radio website. Since 1995 JJJ Unearthed has been supporting, and promoting new indie talent. The likes of Australia’s Missy Higgins,and Killing Hedi,

It’s very cool to be listed on such a great Australian Radio site” said Astro Joey. “We are looking to shift the perception that children’s music is not cool to anyone but children” she said

Astro Joey and the Cosmic Rays have been playing around with some funky sounds such as the newly released vibe of ” The Sky’s The Limit (It’s up to you)” supported by the  beautiful ballad style grooves of “Close Your Eyes

Astro Joey & The Cosmic Rays Rocking it on JJJ Unearthed

Astro Joey & The Cosmic Rays Rocking it on JJJ Unearthed

The JJJ Unearthed site is designed to introduce indie artist by way of fans checking artist profiles, listening to their songs and if they wish writing a brief review. If a track can gain some traction this way it could see the song being played on JJJ radio and or their online digital radio



Our goal now is to spread the word about our JJJ Unearthed profile and have our fans swing by and register a ranking or review on the site” said Astro Joey.

If you wish to be part of breaking out Astro Joey and The Cosmic Rays into the Australian market then visit the band at JJJ unearthed. Downloads are available through the site.


Back in the studio making Rocking Tunes

By Marzipan :Entertainment & Music Reporter, Saturday 28th December 2013

Marzipan. Entertainment & Music Reporter

Marzipan. Entertainment & Music Reporter

After a successful year shooting their web series TV show on I broadcast TV, Astro Joey and the Cosmic Rays are returning to the Studio. Having launched their hit tune “I am a Star” in May of 2012, through American based Fever Pitch Music the group toured extensively culminating in heading Stella’s Stone rock Garden Party.

Astro Joey revealed that the band will be returning to the studio in 2014 after working on a video  for the popular song “One Big Family” written by Evan Olsen, Kristy Jackson and Jessica Mashburn. “It was great working with such talented musicians so, we thought that the time was right to hit the studio again in the new year.” said Astro Joey

She reported that It had been great hanging out in Film land and they  particularly enjoyed their friend Virgil’s short filmIt’s time to return to our roots of making music” she said.

Astro Joey & The Cosmic Rays will be in the studio in the first quarter of the new year. I highly recommend to keep an eye out for further announcements in 2014.

Astro Joey & The Cosmic Rays, return to the studio in 2014

Astro Joey & The Cosmic Rays, return to the studio in 2014

Chapter 15 – The job is done. Merry Christmas !!!

Chapter 15 – The job is done. Merry Christmas

As Astro Joey and the crew cruised through the skies, they listened to Kristy Solar flares Tunes. The theme song was “I am a star” Very fitting after achieving such an accomplishment in delivering Santa’s presents to the children. “I do hope Santa is ok” said Little red Santa Helper. “We have plenty of pound cake carrots and lemonade that the kids left out for Santa, not to mention Kristy Solar flares Pound Cake, that we can give Santa to help her feel better” said Astro Joey

“I can’t wait to tell him all about Australia” said Happy Santa Grouch” “That’s pretty cool” said Little green Santa Helper. “All the Australians are at the MCG today watching the cricket. It’s the big Boxing Day match today, Australia Vs England in the test” she said. “How amazing is that” said Little red Santa helper” to think in other parts of the world it is still Christmas Day. Lucky for us, or we just may not have been able to get all the presents delivered”


“Ok Girls fasten your set belts, we are coming in for a Santaworld Landing, The red light nose is being turned off, it’s going into sleep mode until next year” said Rennie the Reindeer. “Kubump Kubump” went the sleigh. They came to a halt in the snow and heard a voice  “Ho Ho Ho, my little Santa helpers, Merry Christmas” “Hey it’s Santa ” cried out little happy santa grouch. “Santa Santa, we did it she said. “My My how fantastic” said Santa. “I do believe someone has found the joy of Christmas” said Santa to Little happy Santa Grouch. “Oh Santa, I am so sorry for being naughty in the past. It is so much more fun to be gentle and kind and forgiving” “Well, there is nothing like an adventure to test you out hey” said Astro Joey. As a team, we can support each other, have fun and peace in the world.”


“How is your leg and arm Santa” said Rennie the reindeer. “It is much much better Thank you Rennie” said Santa. Come on inside and we can share our stories over a cup of hot Santa Chocolate. Astro Joey and the crew gathered up all the food they had collected and went inside to Santa’s workshop. Little Happy Santa grouch grabbed santa’s hand ” You should’ve seen the Kangeroos in Australia Santa and it get’s really hot and..” Santa replied “Merry Christmas little one, I am very proud of you all. That pound cake smells good. Let’s eat and be Merry. Merry Christmas everyone.Merry Christmas!!!




Chapter 14 – Kristy Solarflare makes the Christmas Vibe

Chapter 14 – Kristy Solarflare makes the Christmas Vibe

It was a long night finding their way around the world to deliver all the toys to the children for Santa. Astro Joey and the crew were rather tired, yet full of excited energy. Just like all the children who were waiting for their Christmas to come. They had completed their last delivery, in Greensbo, North Carolina, USA. What a surprise Astro Joey received when they had climbed down the chimney. There sitting next to the Christmas tree, playing the piano was her friend Kristy Solar Flare.

“Hey Astro Joey, I’ve been waiting for you” said Kristy Solar flare. “I got a message on my facebook to say that Santa had broken her leg and that you were in Santa land helping to get the toys made and delivered. “That’s right Kristy Solar flare” said Astro Joey. It was a big adventure. “Well, I could not make it to Santaland to help, so I sat down at my piano and played my music, so that the happy vibration would resinate around the world and everyone could feel the love and joy of Christmas” said Kristy Solar Flare. “We have been singing carols and laughing and sending our magic music vibes to everyone”


“Thanks Kristy Solarflare” said Astro Joey. “You know we could hear music on every part of our adventure. I wondered where that had come from” said Astro Joey to Kristy Solarflare. ‘well, come on in, put the presents down and sing some carols with me” said Kristy Solarflare. “Oh great” said little red Santa helper ” A Christmas jam”

So they all gathered around Kristy Solar flares piano and sang many happy Christmas Carols. Now it was time to head back to Santa land, to let Santa know that Christmas has been delivered to every one. “Wait” said Kristy Solarflare “Here Astro joey, take my pound cake with you and some carrots, you will be hungry when you get back to Santa land” said Kristy Solar flare. “Thanks so much”said Astro Joey, we will share it all with Santa. Now we must depart” said Astro Joey. “Hey before we go Kristy Solar flare may I download some of your songs so we can listen to them on the road trip back to Santa land” said Rennie the Reindeer. “Well of course Rennie” said Kristy Solar flare. “Safe travels and please send our love to Santa” she said. On that note, Astro Joey and her crew, fled away into the Cosmic Skies.



Chapter 13- Load them up and off we go

Chapter 13- Load them up and off we go.

“Ok Girls, just one more and we are done” said Astro Joey to the crew. “Can you believe it” said Little red Santa helper “we have made all the toys ,It is amazing what can be done when you put your mind to it” “Team work Little red, Team work” said Rennie the Reindeer.”

Mean while little green Santa helper was downloading the final addresses and list for the deliveries on her i-pad. “Ok now I just hit enter and we should be done” said little green Santa helper.


“Rennie”, said Astro Joey “any sign of the happy Santa grouch” There had been a pretty big snow storm Astro Joey and my red nose application tracker has had problems picking up any signal” said Rennie the Reindeer. “We cannot wait ,we must get going or else the gifts will not be delivered said Astro Joey. In the distance, the crew heard a little voice “Wait wait” ” Hang on Astro Joey, my nose is vibrating again, I am getting a signal” said Rennie the reindeer. “Blimp Blimp Blimp” went the application. Astro Joey and the crew, turned around and looked down and there was Happy Grouch Santa helper” “Wait wait” she cried out. “You wont believe where I have been” she said ” I fell down this ice hole and ended up in Australia and rode on a  Boomer, like Kangeroo, and they helped me take the presents to the kids down under and then….” Ok Ok said Astro Joey, “tell us about it on the way, we must get going, come on jump on board”.

So every body climbed up on the sleigh. Rennie turned on her red nose tracking up, little green Santa read out the names and addresses of where to go and up up into the night skies they went singing “Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way”



Chapter 12- Boomer does the job

Chapter 12- Boomers do the job

Col and Happy Santa grouch had finished eating Christmas dinner when Boomer arrived. “What seems to be the trouble Col?” said Boomer. “Well me little mate here tells me that Santa broke his leg on the North pole and is having trouble getting all the toys delivered for Christmas” said Col to Boomer. ” Yeah and Col told me you might be able to help me get the presents to all the kids down under” said Happy Santa Grouch.

“Well I reackon I can” said boomer. “You know little Santa grouch it’s pretty hot out here in Australia at Christmas time. You’ll need to put some sun screen on and make sure you keep your Santa hat on too. The Rays burn down under” “No problems ” said Happy Santa Grouch.  “Hey Boomer, what’s that you have in your pouch there?” “This is little joey Happy Santa Grouch” said Boomer. “Little Joey will give us a hand. She can get down the really small Chimminies and other nooks and crannies. She’s my little baby roo.”


“How do you do little baby roo” said Happy Santa Grouch. I’m just swell thanks” she replied I’ll also help  boomer to see where she is going, I am her navigator, so we’ll be right mate, the kids will get their presents” said little baby roo to Happy Santa Grouch. “There are heaps of presents to be delivered Boomer” said Col ” I tell ya what, I’ll load up me ute and give you a hand, I’ll do the south and you can do the East’

“I never realised how good it makes me feel to help out others” said Santa Grouch. “I was such a naughty kid once that the North winds turned me into a Santa Grouch. I never liked Christmas once” said Happy Santa Grouch to Col. ” You know what Happy Santa Grouch ” said Col ” we all make mistakes, but as long as you learn from them.” Come on gang, lets get this show on the road, we have some kids to make happy”

“Thank you Boomer, Thank you Col, Thank you little Roo” I could not have done this without you. I can’t wait to get back to the North Pole and tell the others that I flew on a big Kangeroo.



Chapter 11 – The upside down Christmas

Chapter 11 – The upside down Christmas

While Astro Joey and her Santa helpers were focusing on building all the toys for Christmas delivery, the happy Santa Grouch had slipped down an ice hole which lead her all the way to Australia. “Six white what?” said The happy grouch Santa Helper” “Maaaate six white boomers. you know Kaga’s…kangaroos” said Col the wheat cockie. “Yep I reackon if I give them a ring, they will be able to help you deliver the toys to all the kids down under”

“Well if you say so Col, let’s do it” said  happy Grough Santa helper. So Col went into the kitchen and called the white boomers on the telephone. He returned to Happy grouch and said “No problems Happy Grough they’ll be over in a jiffy. In the mean time we may as well have a bit of crissy dinner. “Ok, great” said Happy Grouch” “Alrighty then” said Col “come on out onto the verandah, do I have a spread for you”


Out Happy grouch and col went onto the verandah. Col pulled off the table cloth that had been covering the food. Before their eyes was a feast of an Australian Christmas lunch of cooked prawns, calamari, freshly hung smoked cold ham and an array of fresh green salad and beans.

“Come on, tuck in” said Col to happy grouch, the boomers will be here soon.

Chapter 10 – Santa’s workshop

Chapter 10 – Santa’s workshop

As Astro Joey, with golden key in hand,  closed the lid on Santa’s magic Red box, there was an almighty shot of white light Into the skies, like a show of fireworks. “It’s snowing colours said little red Santa Helper. “We did it said Penny Penguin. We did it” It’s the magic dust that gives us Santa power.” she said. “Come quickly” said Astro Joey “we must get to work on making the toys for all the children before the magic dust wears off.”Image

Rennie the Reindeer turned on her shiny red nose and they all whisked away to Santa’s workshop. Awaiting Astro Joey and the crew, was a cozy wooden workshop full of tools and materials to make the children of the worlds Christmas toys. The transformed Santa  groughs were very excited to be able to help out, for they too had been sprinkeled with magic Santa Powder. They all got to work and busily turned on the saw machines, sand papered the wooden horses and wrapped the gifts in readiness for the delivery.


Time had passed, and when they all sat down for a tea break, they noticed that one of the Happy Santa Groughs had gone. “Oh dear said little green santa helper, we have lost one of our new helpers, where could she be, will she be ok, should we go and look for her?” “It’s too late Little green Santa helper” said Astro Joey, “we must keep making the toys before the magic Santa dust wears off hopefully she will be ok. Rennie download google maps in your red shinny nose, see if you can get a location on Happy Santa grough, the rest of us, let’s get back to work”

Rennie turned on her google map tracker and waited to see if she could locate the  Happy Santa helper.